On this week’s episode, Dane Cameron joins me to discuss building confidence as a race driver, how to drive a car with aerodynamic down force – how to learn to trust it and manage its traction, and the difference in driving styles between open wheel and sports cars. He also shares what it was like to get THE CALL to drive for Roger Penske!

Dane Cameron is the reigning IMSA WeatherTech champion, alongside his co-driver at Team Penske Acura, Juan Montoya. And that’s a title he’s won in the past, back in 2016, too. Oh, and also the IMSA GTD championship in 2014. And I think a Formula Mazda championship well before that, and… well, you get it. Dane wins a lot.

Cameron’s speed secret: focus on the smoothness and not over-driving – build the cornering speed, corner by corner, then lap by lap.

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