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Speed Secrets: The Best-Selling Driving Books

The Ultimate Speed Secrets

“This is the last Speed Secrets I’ll write, and the most complete. It’s much more than just a “best of” album, a compilation of all my previous books (while it does do that, too), as I’ve added a lot of new material and updated the old. It is the book I’d have written in the very beginning if I’d known what I know now, and known that I was only ever going to write one book. It covers everything I could fit into one book: driving techniques, the mental game, career skills, vehicle dynamics, racecraft, how to learn and maximize a track, how to learn and improve quickly, and more.”

Speed Secrets: Professional Race Driving Techniques

“This is my first book, and at the time, what I thought would be the only book I’d ever write. Its main focus is on the physical technique of driving, with a little attention put on the mental aspects and career skills (those would come later in Speed Secrets 3 and 5).”

Speed Secrets 2: More Professional Race Driving Techniques

“Actually, this was the third book I wrote, and not the second as the title would suggest. It was inspired by a lot of new information I’d learned over an intense few years of coaching and racing (especially when racing Indy cars, and getting to see guys like Nigel Mansell, Rick Mears, Mario & Michael Andretti, Bobby Rahal, Paul Tracy, and others working a car next to me in a turn – I learned a ton!). I was able to expand on what I’d written in my first book, and add some more advanced information and techniques.”

Speed Secrets 3: Inner Speed Secrets

“I co-wrote this book, subtitled Inner Speed Secrets, with Ronn Langford. Its focus is obvious: the mental game of racing. At the moment that my first book was going to press I realized that I didn’t get into the mental aspects of racing enough. Ronn and I had been conducting some seminars, so we committed to putting what we knew then about the mental game into this book. This may be the most important book I’ve written in terms of helping you perform better on the track (although I will admit that many drivers find it much more useful after attending one of my seminars, since there are some difficult concepts to grasp).”

Speed Secrets 4: Engineering The Driver

“I wrote this book for people who wanted to help drivers perform better: parents, team managers, engineers, instructors and coaches. It covers how to coach drivers on both physical and mental skills. Needless to say, I had to write it with a completely different mindset – as a driver coach, rather than a driver. Of course, that’s not something that I minded!”

Speed Secrets 5: The Complete Driver

“Getting paid to drive race cars is what this book, co-written with my friend Bruce Cleland, is all about. In it, we cover career moves, marketing, sponsorship, public relations, and working with teams. If you want to be a professional race driver, this is the most important book in the Speed Secrets series. When writing The Ultimate Speed Secrets, the information in this book did not get covered very much, so this is one to get if you like the idea of making a career driving race cars.”

Speed Secrets 6: The Perfect Driver

“This book was the most fun to write. My goal was to give drivers a mental model or picture of what the perfect driver looked like, with the expectation that with that model, drivers could perform closer to perfection. In it, I integrate the physical act of driving (the technique) with what’s going on in the driver’s mind. The fun part is reading the internal dialogue going on inside the minds of champions. I wish I could have included more of this approach to writing and teaching in my The Ultimate Speed Secrets book, but it just didn’t fit – so this will always be a good one to have. This is definitely a favorite of mine.”

Speed Secrets: Winning Autocross Techniques

“Focused solely on autocross, I relied on the expertise and advice of many superstars of that form of motorsport. I combined my admittedly-limited experience of autocrossing, my years of racing and coaching just about everything, with the input from autocross champions to produce what I think is the most complete book focused on this form of the sport.”

Bob Bondurant on Race Kart Driving

“I was asked to write this book, and jumped at the chance. I interviewed champion karters, tested their input, and added my own experience (I called it “research”!). If you’re looking to do some karting, or know someone who is, this book will give you the basics of what you need to know.”

About the Books

“I started writing about driving when I created a couple of different handouts for the racing and performance driving schools that I was running. Over time, I captured more of my thoughts and what I had learned, simply to help myself as a driver. Eventually, all of this morphed into my first book, Speed Secrets. Since that time I’ve written 8 more books, and for some reason they’ve become the most-read series of driving books ever (which has certainly been a pleasant surprise!).

“Writing is something that I really enjoy doing because I get to share what I’ve learned with others. The feedback I’ve received through the years – that I’ve been able to explain complex and critical information in a way that most can understand – has inspired me to continue to write. It’s fun thinking about what I’ve learned through driving all sorts of cars and from coaching thousands of drivers, then figuring out how to present it in a way that you can use. That’s what drives my writing.

“Since I don’t see any more Speed Secrets books in my writing future, Speed Secrets Weekly and eBooks will fill my need to share driving information.”

– Ross Bentley

Amazon Reviews

“This book was an unbelievable read. My expectations were kinda high… I can’t recommend it enough really…”

“We spend all this money on improving the performance of our car and forget about the most integral part of the package, the driver. The book addresses that issue from a very unique perspective. The other books in this series deal with driving techniques. This book is about the mind game involved with going faster. I found it very insightful. The techniques used in this book are beneficial not only to driving, but to excelling in one’s day to day life! A quick read with a lot of positive benefits!”

“This book is wonderful, I have just about all the driving books available today and was unsure about buying this one… I am very happy that I did, it was and is very worth the money.”

“This book (Speed Secrets 4) is written for anyone who wants to help a driver succeed, and like the previous SS books, it’s very clearly written and has lots of practical strategies for helping a driver be a faster, more consistent racer. It’s good information for a parent or team owner who wants a driver to do better but doesn’t know exactly how to go about it.”

“The book is absolutely great. Explanations are given in a very friendly way and are thorough. The book helps you relating physical aspects of the car and track to the way you drive. So, you better understand the behavior of the car and what you should do in order to balance it, and, as a result, you lower your lap times and drive more consistently.”

“Speed Secrets 6 is an excellent resource for a person looking to take their game to the next level, whether that be someone who feels comfortable on track but is a mid-pack driver, to someone who is typically a front-running driver looking for more.”