Q: “What do I need to do to drive more often subconscious ‘over’ the limit, in the zone (when you are driving completely automatic over your conscious limit)?”

A: That’s a huge question, and one that I can’t answer fully here because of the depth I’d need to get into. In fact, because it’s such a big topic I’ve developed my Inner Speed Secrets 201 eCourse to help drivers get into the zone, in that state where you’re driving more subconsciously (but, at the same time, being consciously aware of what’s going on around you, unlike that state where you drive somewhere and don’t remember having done it). I’ve spent decades teaching, training and coaching drivers to get into the zone more often.

I will say that driving more subconsciously does take a certain amount of “letting go,” and that’s a difficult thing for some drivers. In fact, in life, some people tend to be more analytical and “in their head.” They want to think about things too deliberately, and they don’t spend as much time in the moment, simply focused on the act they’re in at that moment.

A trigger phrase that I like to (somewhat jokingly) use when talking to drivers who are overly analytical is, “Drive stupid.” Obviously, that can be taken two ways, but what I’m suggesting is turning the conscious mind off and just doing. By making the trigger phrase a little light-hearted, it’s a little easier to let go and trust one’s subconscious to do the driving.

So what do you need to do to drive more subconsciously, in the zone? For starters, I’d highly recommend working through my Inner Speed Secrets 201 eCourse (Learn.SpeedSecrets.com), because there are many factors at play in getting into the zone – and I provide many practical, hands-on tactics to help you do that in the course.

And then, “Drive stupid.” Use that as a trigger phrase to remind yourself to let go and just drive.

P.S. – Right now, I have a free 30-Day Zone Challenge coaching program available (I’ll remove this P.S. message when the program is no longer available). Just sign up and I’ll email you a coaching task every day for 30 days straight, all geared to help you get into the zone more often. Go to SpeedSecrets.com/Zone to sign up.