Shocks For Drivers


Why are shocks such a big thing? Because practically all of the other systems and components of most race cars have been optimized to the point where there is very little to be gained through further development, and the shocks are the last area where big improvements in performance can be found. Oh, and because they have knobs on them that can easily be twisted and turned by anyone with an idea or theory! Ross Bentley’s Shocks for Drivers eBook is the culmination of many years of working with engineers, but looking at these all-important tuning devices from the perspective of a performance or race driver.

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Every driver knows that shock absorbers are one of the keys to tuning their car, but few know enough about how shock absorbers work and how to tune them. Some drivers know just enough to adjust the knobs and cause confusion! While this eBook won’t make you a shock engineer, it will give you enough information to no longer be dangerous. In fact, after reading it you will know what to adjust, why, and what to expect from that change.


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