Richard Kelley joins me to talk about his experience of capturing some of the most incredibly powerful images of F1 drivers from 1972 to 1984. His photos of Niki Lauda, James Hunt, Jackie Stewart, Alain Prost, Nelson Piquet, Gilles Villeneuve, and others will connect with you and either make you smile, get goose bumps, or cry. His perspective as someone who has closely observed some of the best drivers in the world, as well as raced himself, make his advice about visualization, situational awareness, and sensory input hugely valuable to every driver.

Richard has been a photojournalist, writer, communicator, and historian for most of his life. In addition to his F1 photography, he’s worked for Car and Driver, Mitsubishi (where he was Motorsport Manager, and largely responsible for the Evo), and the Chicago Tribune. He also successfully raced Formula Ford and Atlantic.