Trevor Ashline joins me to talk about the latest in head and neck restraint devices, as well as all sorts of other safety related topics. As VP of Engineering and Product Development for Simpson Performance Products, and a motorsport enthusiast himself, he knows his stuff – and shares it with you in this show. Should a HANS or Hybrid-S device be used with airbags? With standard OEM Seatbelts? How long do these devices stay safe? How do they interact with seats and roll cages? These are just some of the topics we talk about.

Ever since Dale Earnhardt’s death back in 2001, the use of head and neck restraint devices has increased, and in some events they’re mandatory. But what if you track a stock production car with standard OEM Seatbelts where a HANS device doesn’t work for you? There is one device that is FIA certified to work with OEM belts – the Hybrid-S – invented by Trevor.