James Colborn joins me to talk about making his comeback to racing after taking more than a year off from it. Not only has he made a comeback, but he’s done it in an open-wheel car – not something he’s driven before – and on tracks he’s never seen before. So, it’s been a bit like starting all over again, but with a solid foundation to start from. And that’s provided a very interesting learning experience.

James is, as his website suggests, a “gentleman driver.” He started with HPDE events, then club racing, some pro racing in production-based race cars, and now is racing a Formula Ford in the UK. All for fun. He’s also a bit of an AIM data guru – mostly self-taught – and freely shares his knowledge and experience with others.

James’ Speed Secret: Don’t be frightened of data.

Follow and learn more about James – and especially, check out his AIM data videos – at www.JamesColborn.com.