On this week’s episode of Speed Secrets Podcast, Davin Sturdivant joins me to discuss all things karting! Why karting is awesome, why karting is a valuable learning tool, how you can use karting to learn to read drivers. We also get into sim racing and eSports!

Davin’s Speed Secret: Be open.

Davin Sturdivant is a competition go-kart racer, based out of the Pacific Northwest. Davin’s enthusiasm for performance driving and motorsports is highly engaging, encouraging people to become involved with the sport through his impassioned efforts.

With an additional background in Solo II autocross and sim racing, Davin’s ‘superpower’ is being able to introduce new people to accessible forms of motorsport, and pointing them to resources they can use to develop themselves, such as the Kartpulse Forums, an online resource for grassroots competition karters.

Davin is also an administrator of the ‘Motorsports Book Club’ on Facebook, a community group designed to introduce people to new motorsports literature.

Check out Davin below!
Instagram/Twitter/Facebook: @relaxeddriver
Kart Pulse: https://www.kartpulse.com/forums
Facebook Motorsport Book Club