On this week’s episode of Speed Secrets Podcast, I talk with my good friend Tom Roberts about flow, or getting “in the zone.” Tom recently wrote a 4-part article in Speed Secrets Weekly about his research and experience with the state of flow from a neuroscience and more spiritual perspective – and how fear impacts it. It’s all about how to perform at your best when on the track (or off). We talk mindfulness, mindset, awareness, fear, ego, and how these help you become a better driver.

Tom’s Speed Secret: Be willing to get to know yourself.

Tom got into track driving many years ago, and raced in the Skip Barber series. He then began making annual pilgrimages to the Nürburgring – something that he and I do together now, taking small groups of drivers with us. In 2019, Tom made his racing debut at the Ring, a long-time goal of his. In addition to his European motorsport adventures, Tom races in various endurance series in the U.S., and continues to track whatever his current Porsche is. When he’s not flying around a race track, Tom can also be found flying the skies in an RV4 aerobatics plane, doing loops, rolls, and simulated dog fights. He loves the experience of flow!