Q: Window up or down when track driving?

Q: “Do you have an opinion on windows all the way up or down with respect to street cars without window nets being driven on track during DE.”

A: The short and sweet answer is I think there should always be some way of keeping a driver’s arm inside the car if there’s a rollover or side impact. That means either windows up or a net. In my opinion.


  1. Other than safety, aerodynamics must also be considered. Closed windows will not create any draft/turbulance and make you a little faster.

  2. Not since a competitor hit a concrete barrier in front of a corner station and the window glass shattered, not from a direct impact but by collapsing from the force of the collision. The corner workers looked at the driver and thought it was a fatality because of the amount of blood but he was fine. It was from lots of minor cuts on his face (open-faced helmet) and bare arms from the flying glass…


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