WEBINAR CONTENT: Fitness for Drivers

Below you’ll find links to the recording of the Fitness for Drivers webinar, a PDF of the presentation slides we shared, a recommendation for “cognitive function apps,” the Chat Log, and information about the Senaptec strobe glasses.

Please understand that these are for your own purposes only, and Trey and I trust that you will not copy, reproduce or share them without my permission.

Thank you for participating in the webinar! We enjoyed sharing our experience with you, and know you’ll use it for good and not evil!

My next webinar will be some time in the next couple of months, and it’s going to focus on mental preparation (beyond what Trey talked about in todays’ webinar). Based on popular demand, it’ll specifically deal with how to best use mental imagery/visualization. Once the date has been finalized, I’ll let you know. I hope to see you on that webinar! In the meantime, some of my past webinars are here. If you have questions about driving, check out the Ask Ross Q&A column here (or email your questions to me).

Keep learning and having fun!