ask-ross-bentley-q&aQ: I have heard/read you discuss focusing on brake release points rather than brake initiation points in a turn, and understand how the braking paradigm should change if I can focus on the brake release point. However, for the less experienced driver, determining the right brake release point can be as difficult as finding the correct brake initiation point. Do you have any tips for identifying the brake release point in a turn?  Should it be simply theoretically just before the apex?

A: The exact point at which you release the brakes is not the important part – it’s looking to it as you begin braking that is most important. That is what you use to judge where you should begin braking. Whether you actually release the brakes at turn-in, shortly thereafter, almost to the apex, or wherever… the key is that you look for it as you approach the corner. It’s also important to “play with” or experiment with how quickly/slowly you release the brakes, as that will have a big impact on how your car reacts as you turn into the corner. As a less experienced driver, what’s most important is that you simply become aware of the process, as it will begin to become part of your mental programming – the way you do things – now. Many drivers develop habits – mental programs – early in their driving career, and then have a harder time changing them later. So, you don’t have to get overly focused on the End-of-Braking (EoB) point, and know exactly where it is or should be – just become aware of it, and look for it as you approach the corner so you judge your braking based off of it. And that will build great habits/programming that you’ll use even more in the future.