How to Lower Your Lap Times

You’re a pretty fast driver – or even really fast. But you want more. You want to be even faster, right? You want to lower your lap times.

The Drive Faster webinar will help you understand what to do, then give you a plan to do it, as I share my proven strategies for making you a faster driver.

Thought I would share that your webinar was fantastic! Packed with takeway skill sets to practice to improve my driving to go faster. After it, I took 2.5 seconds off my lap time.

Shay Hoelscher


  • 3 hours of training
  • 2-Part Webinar, spread over 2 evenings
  • Wednesday, February 8th & Monday, February 13th
  • 8:30-10:00pm Eastern/5:30-7:00 Pacific
  • Each session: 60-minute presentation, plus a Q&A
  • Ideal for drivers of all levels
  • Cost: $79

There’s no better time than right now to learn and put together your plan for taking your driving to the next level. If you want to improve, if you want to lower your lap times, you need a plan – one based on proven techniques and tactics. Doing the same thing over and over again is only going to give you the same results you’ve had in the past. This webinar is designed to help you make changes that will make you a faster driver.

The webinar series runs on February 8th & 13th (Wednesday & Monday); 8:30-10:00pm Eastern/5:30-7:00pm Pacific. Each session is a one-hour presentation, with 30 minutes for questions; the second session builds on the first. That’s a total of 3 hours of “go-faster” stuff!

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Register before February 6th, and pay only $79 for 3 hours of training you can’t get anywhere else!

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 February 8th & 13th, 2017: Drive Faster: How To Lower Your Lap Times webinar

5:30-7:00pm Pacific; 8:30-10:00pm Eastern

THE FINE PRINT: What else can you buy for $79 that will result in a bigger improvement in lap times and will never wear out?

The Drive Faster webinar covers:

  • Prioritizing corners
  • 4 ways to use braking to go faster
  • Corner entry vs. exit speed
  • Increasing your car’s traction
  • Why smooth is fast
  • Managing & learning from mistakes
  • Working with your tires’ traction limits
  • Trail braking
  • Rotation turns
  • Learning a new track
  • When to compromise one corner for another
  • Why applying throttle early can be bad
  • Improving your ability to sense limits
  • Fast in – faster out
  • Your burning questions

After fifteen years of driving on race tracks and nine years of racing and helping others with their driving it would be easy to think “I know it all,” but I continue to strive for more every session, every race, and even every lap. I have worked on brake release, maximizing roll speed, and getting back to power as early as possible, but unlocking “more” is not always available without help. Last weekend was my second opportunity to work closely with Ross on doing just that. Not only was I able to find more time where I thought there wasn’t much left, we also worked on maximizing less than ideal lines to prepare for race scenarios. The result? 2 races, 2 poles, 2 fastest laps and 2 wins.

Christian Maloof - Spec Miata racer


The Drive Faster webinar is perfect for:

  • Intermediate & Advanced HPDE & track day drivers
  • Club & Pro racers
  • Anyone interested in taking their driving to the next level

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the content the same on each evening - on both February 8th and 13th?

No. The second session, on February 13th, picks up where the previous session ended – it builds on the first evening’s training. I have so much information I want to share with you that I couldn’t fit it all into one evening, so it is split between two sessions.

What happens if I have to miss one of the two sessions?

Each session will be recorded and you’ll be able to access and download it after the session, so you won’t miss out on any of the content. But you will miss the opportunity to ask questions in real time.

Will there be any materials provided?

After each session, the key presentation slides will be posted online for you to download, as well as any resources talked about during the session. Oh, and a recording of the actual webinar will also be available so you can refer to it whenever you want.

Will there be an opportunity to ask questions?

Yes. Throughout both sessions, I will take some questions. Then, at the end of each one, I’ll have a 30-minute Q&A session. These Q&A sessions are some of the best learning experiences.

I've never taken a webinar before. How does it work?

After registering, and prior to the webinar, you’ll be emailed a link to sign into each session. To participate in the webinar, you’ll need to be online on a computer (although you could listen on a phone, but obviously, you’ll not have access to the visuals). A few minutes prior to the start of the session, click on the link and join in – you’ll have the option of listening through your computer or on a phone.

During the webinar sessions, you’ll be able to view my presentation slides while I talk through the topics, plus you’ll have the opportunity to type in questions. I will try to answer as many of the questions as possible as I go through the presentation. Then there will be 30 minutes set aside for Q&A at the end of each evening’s session.


Simple. You want to drive faster.

But wishing you were faster is not a good strategy! And just more seat time is not enough.

No, you need specific, proven techniques and tactics. You need an approach that you can implement on your own, that will result in faster lap times.

The Drive Faster webinar will provide you with what you need to… well… drive faster.

Don't Miss Out. Drive Faster!