The Mental Game of Driving

What percentage of performance & race driving is mental versus physical?

Inner Speed Secrets

The Inner Speed Secrets program will help you perform at a higher level, more consistently, no matter what level or type of motorsport you participate in. The program has been developed over many years, and is the combination of a number of disciplines:


  • Sports psychology
  • Educational kineseology
  • Martial arts
  • Human performance factors
  • Educational & learning theory
  • Sports vision therapy
  • Neuroscience

A Competitive Advantage

What separates the best from the rest in any activity? Beyond the very basic physical techniques and skills, it is the mental game – the ability for the participant to focus, make the right decisions in a split second, trigger a performance state of mind, manage one’s competitive urges, learn more quickly, thrive on pressure, and get into the zone more consistently. What’s really driving your car? It’s your brain, right? So, it’s time to tune up your mind – your mental game. Take your driving to a whole new level at an Inner Speed Secrets workshop.

A Winning Outcome

Upon completion of an Inner Speed Secrets program, you will:


  • Drive faster, more consistently
  • Make better decisions on the track
  • Maintain and regain your focus
  • Sense the limits of your car, and know how to drive closer to them
  • Make fewer errors
  • Use visualization more effectively
  • Learn how to learn new tracks and techniques faster
  • Leave with your own personal “driver development plan”
  • Get and stay in the zone more
  • Have even more fun!

Is The Inner Speed Secrets Program For You?

The Inner Speed Secrets workshop has been used to develop champions and participants at every level and type of the sport – from DE and track day drivers to elite-level pros; car and motorcycle racers; road course, oval, and off-road. While there is common content in each seminar, the program is very much customized to the attendees. Don’t let your competitors and fellow sport drivers gain an advantage on you. Anyone can make changes to their car to go faster. Not everyone can change their mental game. But you can.

The Ultimate Performance & Race Driver Training

How much time and money have you spent preparing and developing your car? How much have you spent on yourself?

Consider this: Unlike tires and just about everything else you do to your car, whatever you do to prepare and develop yourself will never wear out. That’s a pretty good investment. The Inner Speed Secrets workshop will have a longer-lasting, positive impact on your driving than anything else you ever do.

What’s Been Said

While drivers are reluctant to share their “secret”…

“This program is a must for any driver who is really serious about improving their performance. There’s no better a way to improve.”

Ron G.

SCCA racer

“I learned how to prepare myself to drive a race car and, once I was in, I learned how to find the zone and stay there… great stuff!”

Wade B.

PCA club member

“The only thing I don’t like about the Inner Speed Secrets program is that it’s available to others. I wish I was the only driver who knew about it.”

USF2000 race winner

Name withheld upon request

It’s Works. Guaranteed.

There is not one person who has been through a workshop who doesn’t claim that it has made them faster, more consistent, crash less, smarter, more sensitive to the car, etc. – or all of these. Most track day/club racers see improvements in lap times of 1 second or more. Pro guys see some speed improvement, and more focus/concentration improvement, understanding of how to work with team, better at feeling and communicating handling problems. And, it’s less than the cost of a set of tires (and it never wears out). In addition, most participants who are business people also claim that the workshop definitely helps them in their business life. Others talk about how important the concepts and strategies are to every other area of life.

I offer a money-back guarantee for the Inner Speed Secrets program. If you’re not pleased with your progress and what you’ve learned from it, I’ll refund your money. Having made this guarantee available to hundreds of participants over the past decade or so, no one has ever asked for their money back.

A Who's Who of Drivers

Past participants of Inner Speed Secrets workshops include driver & riders from:

  • Indy
  • IMSA
  • GP2 & Formula Renault
  • Indy Lights, Pro Mazda & F2000
  • Ferrari Challenge
  • Radical Cup
  • AMA Flat Track & Superbike
  • NHRA
  • Australian V8 Supercars
  • Porsche, BMW & Audi car clubs

Frequently Asked Questions

When is your next Inner Speed Secrets workshop?

Not soon enough! Yes, I love doing them, and there’s lots of demand for them, but I have to schedule them around my coaching calendar. Most times, I schedule in-person workshops and seminars based on demand. If you’re interested in participating in a workshop, send us an email with your contact info. In the meantime, I conduct Inner Speed Secrets webinars every now and then. This is the most convenient way to access the program, so if your interested, just sign up for information in the box on the Home page, or drop me an email, and I’ll let you know when the next one will be.

Can I organize a seminar for a group?

Absolutely. In fact, the bulk of the in-person seminars and workshops (as opposed to the online webinars) that I do now are ones organized for a group – a race team, a car club, a group of drivers, or even a business. Over the past few years I have conducted seminars in Sweden, Estonia and Australia, and they were all organized by an individual in that country. The same thing happens in North America.

Are you a sports psychologist?

No. But I’ve self-studied a great deal of sports psychology. More importantly, I’ve tested out this program on myself, and other drivers – I’ve discovered what really works. In fact, that’s one of the differences between me and someone who is a sports psychologist – I’ve been there, done that. I’ve been fortunate to have raced at a very high level, and I know firsthand the mental challenges that come along with every level and type of the sport. It’s not just theory – it’s stuff you can use. And I’ve tested and fine-tuned the program based on what’s worked over the past two decades of working with drivers.

Are the seminars done in a classroom or at the track?

Most of the Inner Speed Secrets seminars are conducted in a classroom-type environment, although I’ve also done them at the track. In that case, it involved both in-classroom and on-track sessions. But don’t worry about the classroom session being boring – it’s not! It’s very interactive and engaging. Oh, and I’ve started presenting the program in a webinar format, making it available to more drivers.

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