ask-ross-bentley-q&aQ: Is it always the best to ride the car towards the edge of the wall on a speedway? Shouldn’t dust or debris be considered? Is there any different way to approach speedways like Indianapolis for example? What aspects are different on an inclined track from a regular leveled track?

A: The larger the radius, the more speed you can carry, so the closer to the wall you get the faster you’ll be. Dust and debris up against the wall at the exit of the corners tend to be blown away from the cars on track. Of course, if no one else drives close to the wall, the track will not have as much rubber built up on the track, which means that part of the track will have less grip. So use as much as you can as long as it has been driven by other cars, too. If the track has not had any other cars on it, then drive wherever you want because you’re the one rubbering in the track, and there won’t be any debris. Which brings us back to using as much track as possible, getting as close to the wall as you’re comfortable with (only giving yourself a little margin for error on your line).