WEBINAR CONTENT: Improve Your Braking & Corner Entry

Below you’ll find links to the recording of the Improve Your Braking & Corner Entry webinar, the Chat Log, and my notes. Please understand that these are for your own purposes only, and I trust that you will not copy, reproduce or share them without my permission.

Please take less than 5 minutes to share your feedback with me about the webinar by filling out the short survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/braking-entry. Thanks!

Thank you for participating in the webinar (also, previous ones, if you have, and future ones, if you do). I love to share what I’ve been fortunate enough to learn, and it’s fun to know it’s helping you be an even better driver.

Speaking of future webinars, the next one – Fitness for Drivers – will be co-presented by Trey Shannon. It’s meant for drivers of all levels and types, and I know you’ll get a lot out of it, as it’s about more than just strength and stamina. It’s also about how to improve your balance, breathing, reactions, and vision. It’s on Tuesday, February 12th (but you know that if you can’t be on it live, you get the full content/recording if you register – before it fills up). For more information, go to SpeedSecrets.com/DriverFitness.

Keep learning and having fun!