I’ve recently partnered with Kaizen Autosport to provide a variety of driver development options, and the reason I’ve done so is captured in their name. “Kaizen” is a Japanese word that represents continuous improvement, and if there’s anything that I and Speed Secrets stand for, it’s that. My favorite thing to say (other than wishing a driver fun when driving on track) is, “There’s always more.”

I collaborated with Kaizen to develop the curriculum for their 2-day competition race school. I believe the approach we’ve taken makes it unique, in that it not only provides the usual training in how to drive fast and develop racecraft skills, but also how to manage the mental game of driving. We all know that performance/race driving is as much or more of a mental challenge than it is a physical one, so I’ve been able to weave the main concepts of my Inner Speed Secrets program into the program, in a hands-on, practical kind of way. This may just be the most complete 2-day competition driver development school in the country.

I’m also working with Kaizen on custom individual and group driver development programs. Using their fleet of cars (F4, F3, Radical, Caymen, BMW, Camaro), or a driver’s own car, I will do one-on-one coaching with you, or small groups of drivers. Combining Kaizen’s cars with their facilities and team at one of the most challenging, beautiful and ideal learning tracks in the North America, it’s a natural for me to want coach you and other drivers at Virginia International Raceway.

For information about Kaizen Autosport, visit their website. Or contact me to arrange a competition driving school or individual or group coaching session.