As we come out of the Thanksgiving weekend, stuffed to the brim (we almost needed to wave the red flag!), we want to thank you for your continued support over the years. We’re grateful you come back each month to listen to us chat away. And with bellies still full, time to green flag us into another episode of No Dumb Questions! (Ok, we’re done with the flag puns.)

Jeff Braun and I sit down to answer your questions, and we promise – there are no dumb questions, maybe just some dumb answers. On this episode, Jeff and I discuss right foot braking and the time it takes to transition from braking to throttle, what changes an engineer can make in the race to change the handling of the car. We also have a bonus question this week: should you be able to swap tires under red flag conditions? Tune in for our new series!

Jeff is one of the very best race car engineers in the world. He’s engineered cars at every level, and every type: NASCAR, karts, club racing cars, Indy, GT and Prototypes, and even Top Fuel dragsters. But what sets Jeff apart from many engineers is how he can explain what he’s doing, what a car is doing, and even how the best think.