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Using 50 illustrations, this eBook is the perfect reference guide you can use over and over again. It’s ideal for any performance driver, no matter what your experience level – whether driving on the road or track.

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Over 40+ pages of illustrated driving material

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  1. Controls
  2. Vehicle Dynamics
  3. Cornering
  4. Mental Game
  5. Putting It All Together
Over the past nearly-40 years of teaching, instructing and coaching drivers – of all levels and types – I’ve drawn thousands of illuatrations to make a point or explain a technique. Some have ended up in my Speed Secrets books, some in my eCourses, and some on a whiteboard in a classroom at a track somewhere. But now the 50 or so that I keep coming back to, over and over again, are all in one place – in the Performance Driving Illustrated eBook. This is a collection that I’ve wanted to put together and share for years… and it’s finally here. And available to you. So help yourself – download it now.
– Ross Bentley

“I enjoy your style of writing/teaching. It lines up with my slow, steady nature of taking the information from the text to the actual application of the information to the car. You have taught me a great deal that I am using every time I put a helmet on.”

Lonnie W.