There’s at least one thing that Lewis Hamilton, Jimmie Johnson and Ryan Hunter-Reay have in common: Each one of them knows that if he’d relied on his inborn talent, he’d get left behind.

Champions are made, not born. That’s been proven over and over again. Lewis Hamilton was “made,” as are more and more young drivers every year.

Young drivers have a very limited window of opportunity to “make it.” You can leave the opportunity to chance, or you can make an investment to increase the chance.

I increase drivers’ chances to make it. Colin Braun, Alexander Rossi and Parker Kilgerman are just some of examples of that.

Driving is just a small part of the overall package of what I call “The Complete Driver”. The more complete a driver is (having the physical and mental skills, the marketing and career skills, and the technical/testing skills), the greater the chances are that he or she will make it. I’ve learned through experience what works, and what doesn’t. And, by becoming a student of not just driving, but the careers of professionals, I know the strategy. I’m willing to share that strategy with a couple of select drivers.

I’m accepting two young drivers for a long-term (3-plus years) development program aimed at making them professionals – future champions making a living from driving. These drivers are likely to be between 13 and 18, with the resources and commitment to make it. The form of motorsport (NASCAR, F1, Indy cars, sports cars, rally, rallycross, etc.) they ultimately choose does not matter. It will require financial and family support, the burning desire to make it as a professional, and of course, some talent. The development program will be similar to what young Olympic champions commit to, and succeeding will repay the initial investment.

If you would like to apply on behalf of your son or daughter, please contact me by email. Tell me why he or she should work with me. Let’s arrange an initial consultation.

Don’t waste your time and resources. Don’t leave your son or daughter’s opportunity to sheer luck. Instead, leave it with me. I’ve proven that I can maximize chances and open up the windows of opportunity.