Portland Virtual Track Walk


The best – quickest and safest – way to learn a track, and prepare to drive it the best YOU can, is by doing a track walk with an experienced coach, who shares not only the nuts and bolts of the topography of the track, but all of the subtle “go-fast” details.

In this “virtual track walk” of Portland International Raceway, you’ll benefit, on-demand and on YOUR schedule, by sitting in with TWO, top professional coaches, Peter Krause and Ross Bentley. This downloadable virtual track walk video will tell you not only where the ideal cornering line is, but what reference points to use at track surface, eye-level and above, where surface, camber and elevation increase traction (and which do not), as well as the most important corners to focus on to improve your lap times.

As an added value and along the way, Ross and Peter will share their vast knowledge and experience of driving techniques in a fun and entertaining way.

Duration 1:47:28

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Portland International Raceway is one of the Pacific Northwest’s – and west coast’s – favorite, challenging circuits. Literally set in a city park in Portland, convenience is it’s middle name. And while it looks to be a fairly easy track to learn and master, it’s not! “Subtle” is its other middle name. Fortunately, Ross Bentley has driven more different cars on this track than any other in the world over the past 40 years. Along with Peter Krause’s analytical approach to tackling a circuit, the two coaches take you on a video version of a track walk in this Virtual Track Walk, pointing out the ideal line, reference points, how to set up passes, driving in the rain, what great data looks like for this track, and which corners to compromise for the more important ones. In addition, they share lessons from their decades of experience in driving and coaching – and get into much detail about the use of your vision. At over an hour and forty-five minutes in length, what you take away from the Portland Virtual Track Walk will make you consistently faster at this fast, flowing circuit.


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