Road Atlanta Virtual Track Walk


The best – quickest and safest – way to learn a track, and prepare to drive it the best YOU can, is by doing a track walk with an experienced coach, who shares not only the nuts and bolts of the topography of the track, but all of the subtle “go-fast” details.

In this “virtual track walk” of Road Atlanta, you'll benefit, on-demand and on YOUR schedule, by sitting in with TWO, top professional coaches, Peter Krause and Ross Bentley. This virtual track walk video will tell you not only where the ideal cornering line is, but what reference points to use at track surface, eye-level and above, where surface, camber and elevation increase traction (and which do not), as well as the most important corners to focus on to improve your lap times.

As an added value and along the way, Ross and Peter will share their vast knowledge and experience of driving techniques in a fun and entertaining way.

Duration 1:49:01

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In this on-demand, downloadable video, Peter Krause and Ross Bentley lead you on a walk in the woods… specifically up, down and around Road Atlanta, one of the most difficult tracks in North America to master. Of course, armed with the detailed review of the line, where the grip is, reference points, and the driving techniques specifically aimed at making you fast at the home of the Petit Le Mans race – 2 hours and 20 minutes of content – you’ll feel at home at this sweeping fast circuit.


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