Q: Have you had an “out of body” experience while driving? And if so, have you been able to consistently repeat it while driving? It’s occurred a few times for me, with each time feeling as if all of my inputs are perfect. While doing so, it’s as if I watch myself drive either from the passenger seat or floating above the car.”

A: The simple answer is “yes, I have.” The longer answer has to do with what “out of body” means, right? And, have I been able to consistently repeat it? Again, the simple answer is “no,” but I’m way more consistent with getting there now than I was very early in my career. I’d also say that no one, not even world champions get to that zone/flow state every single time. Sure, the best get there more often than others, which is why they are world champions.

A huge part of my coaching is all about this – the mental game, getting into the zone/flow, or as I call it, Inner Speed Secrets. I’ve spent decades studying the psychology of human performance, especially in motorsport, and I help drivers get into that state more often. Again, not every single time, but if I can help a driver get there 5% of the time, rather than 4% of the time, or 90% of the time rather than 89% of the time, that’s progress. I also work with drivers who are working at getting into that state 95% of the time, rather than 94% of the time (I’m making these percentage up to illustrate the point).

How does one get into that zone/flow, or “out of body,” state. Unfortunately, that’s huge topic, and not one I can deal with properly here. But it’s a core part of my Inner Speed Secrets 201 eCourse, my books, and even my Sim Racer Academy.

Oh, I love that feeling when it’s like you’re watching yourself perform. It is like an “out of body” experience, where it’s like you’re seeing yourself perform, almost as if you’re a spectator watching a peak performance. But it’s you! And it’s happening almost magically! Congrats on getting there and experiencing it.