Q: “I’m doing sim racing and until now I was not too much paying attention to the EoB (End-of-Braking). What can we look at to use as a reference point for the EoB? For the BoB (Begin-of-Braking) it’s easy to look at a wall, curb or sign, but for the EoB I don’t really see what to look at.”

A: It’s not a matter of looking for some specific mark, but aiming your vision into the area where you’re going to release the brakes. If you think about it, it’s typically around the turn-in point, or some way past that on the way to the apex. So, as you approach the brake zone, look into that area, and think about the EoB. You’ll still notice your BoB in your peripheral, but this way you’ll be focusing your vision and mind where it should be. And your overall braking will be more effective.

Just to be clear on what the EoB is, it’s that point where your foot is finally and completely off the brake pedal. It’s not where you begin to release the brakes, but that point where your brake lights would go out. As you know, you can slowly release the brakes, or quickly do so. But the EoB is when the brake pedal is fully released, and it greatly impacts the way your car responds when you turn in. If used appropriately, in fact, it can help you get to full throttle sooner when exiting the corner – and we know that’s a good thing!