Q: “How do I approach a decreasing corner where I cannot straight line brake and must have some steering input while braking?”

A: Gently! 🙂

This is a challenging type of corner, and I immediately think of curved braking zones like Turn 1 at Daytona, and Turn 2 at Laguna Seca. All the same techniques I’ve talked about apply, but because you’re turning and braking at the same time, you have to trade off some braking grip for turning. Whereas with a straight brake zone, you can use 100% of the traction for braking until you get to the turn-in point, in this case, you might only be able to brake with 90% or less of the pedal pressure because you’re using 10% or so of the grip for turning. It’s a trade-off, but these brake zones really separate the best from the rest because it takes a sensitive feel for the limits of grip, both longitudinally and laterally.

I suggest two things: First, consider these types of brake zones and corners as perfect learning opportunities. You learn so much about balancing grip, longitudinally and laterally, and how sensitive you have to be in controlling your braking, that this is one of the most valuable learning experiences. They’ll make you a better driver, no matter what type of corner you’re facing.

Second, keep the idea of trading off braking for cornering grip in mind. The more you turn the steering wheel, the more you need to ease off the brake pedal. In many ways, it’s just a very long trail braking zone.