Q: How long does it take a competent driver using right-foot braking to go from moving off the gas pedal, to being fully off the gas pedal, and to initiate the first bit of brake pedal application? I was trying to figure this out on my data logger, but I ran into problems. I see that it takes me 0.2 seconds to get fully off the gas. I can’t tell how long it then takes to get onto the brake pedal because the data shows the brake being activated at the same time that the last bit of throttle pedal goes away, instantaneously in other words, which makes no sense. I think the sensor for the brake pedal may be getting activated by my foot brushing against the brake pedal as I come off the gas. Or, perhaps I’m already fully off the gas but the gas pedal sensor is still recording some gas pedal activation for whatever reason.”

A: I have data from quite a few drivers who right-foot-brake, and the fastest I’ve seen is 0.19 seconds. That’s from full throttle to the initial application of the brakes. I’ve also seen other right-foot-brakers who are closer to 0.3 seconds (or worse).

Yes, there has to be some gap between the two. Could it be the sampling rate for those channels? If you’re sampling the data too slowly, it won’t show the gap properly. I’m not an expert on sampling rate, but have been “fooled” by some data, only to find out that my read on it was wrong until we sped up the sampling rate. So, I don’t know what the sampling rate should be, either. But it’s something to look into.

A quick transition from throttle to brake is important, but consistent accuracy is even more important. Of course, you can improve your footwork with deliberate practice. Simply sit in your car and practice moving your foot from one pedal to another, over and over. Or, practice this on a simulator. You might be surprised at how much you can improve with just a little practice.

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