Q: “Where does one start to begin racing? I have looked at the Trans Am series (starting at the TA4 class) but there are so many series. Which does one chose? Is there a progression one should follow – maybe we start with HPDE days, then time trials, then getting licensed to race, then pick X organization to go with to race. What’s your advice?”

A: Wow, that’s a huge question! I’ve answered some similar questions in the past in this column, so check them out.

It really depends on what your goals are, where you want to end up, what your budget is (money and time), why you want to race, and probably a few other factors. After learning the basics of performance driving (in HPDE events, or at a driving school), I think the key is to just jump in and start doing some races, and then try some different series/cars out and see what you like the most. Open-wheel or closed-wheel? Sprint racing or endurance racing? Do you have specific goals of where you want to be in the future, just want to race for fun or are wanting to make a career out of this? Think about those questions, answer them, and it will become more clear as to which direction you should go.

Racing is not like many other sports where there is one ladder. Racing has a few dozen ladders, and one can jump from one to the other. And with the right amount of money, one can jump rungs of the ladder, too. And with little money one has to stay on the rung they can afford!