Q: “What things can a driver to do to survive a long stint when it seems that it’s never going to end?”

A: Surviving a long stint? You’ve heard me talk/write about triggers, I hope. A mental trigger to help you stay focused on what you want, and not on what you don’t want, is the key. At least it is for me and the drivers I coach. But you have to do the work beforehand and build that trigger – program it – so it’s something you just go to when your mind starts to wander and think about how much time is left in the race (or how tired you are!). For a variety of reasons, we can’t figure out the trigger while driving – mostly because we’re too busy. So that’s why it’s important to have that trigger ready before you get in the car. And having one that brings you back into the act of driving is critical. “Eyes up, look ahead.” “Car dancing.” “Smooth brake release.” Those are some that I use. They get me focused on the things I need to focus on, rather than on how tired I am, what co-drivers have done, etc.