Q: “With a new Bell full coverage helmet my head position is canted down 15 to 20 degrees. I’m certain this is common, but don’t know the solution. This is a daily driver and I don’t want to swap the seat out. What are your recommendations? Both of your books I’ve read emphasize the importance of good body position in the seat.”

A: I wish I could give you a solution that you’re happy with, but the only one I know is the best one… replace the seat and/or lower it with a special mount. I know other drivers who didn’t want to replace the seat, but did and kept the stock one for when they sell the car. You can get an aftermarket performance seat that is comfortable for everyday driving, but allows you to sit lower. Think about it… having your head against the roof is not the safest thing! And having your head canted down is going to make looking far ahead a big challenge.

Sorry I can’t give you an easier solution. But the best answer is the right one: install a seat the allows you to sit lower, resulting in better visibility, and much more safety. It’s the right thing to do. And it just so happens that it’s the only thing you can do that works.