022 – Dennis Macchio: A Driver’s Mentor

Dennis Macchio joins me to talk about how to best find and use a mentor to help you with your driving, driver coaching, and a very interesting approach to using your vision (that is based on the system that Bertil Roos developed). Also, Dennis shares his insights about what gets in the way of some drivers improving, managing fear, and how to learn more and improve your performance and race driving.

Dennis is president of the Bertil Roos Racing School. He’s been coaching drivers for nearly 40 years, having started at Bridgehampton, and then taking over the operation of the Bertil Roos school in 1998.

You can learn more about the Bertil Roos Racing School by going to racenow.com, and about Dennis at dennismacchio.com.

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  1. Great podcast with lots of information and insight that is also easy to listen to (just like all Speed Secrets podcasts)! I find it fascinating how the mental aspect can differ from person to person. It’s great to hear the various ways others can “get in the zone” and it has inspired me to add some variety to my mental preparation and see what else can work for me.


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