046 – Kevin Fandozzi: How to Treat a Tire!

Kevin Fandozzi joins me to talk about tires – how to break them in, warm them up, and pressure them. We also talk about how tires are developed, what Kevin did to his tires to podium at the recent SCCA Runoffs, and where Continental Tire is going in the sport. Be sure to listen to his advice in the last 10 minutes or so of the show – it’s super valuable stuff.

Kevin is the Product Manager for Continental Tire Motorsport. As an engineer and club racer (finished second at the SCCA Runoffs at Indy this year), he knows what goes into tires both technically and from behind the wheel.

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  1. This is a very important subject with critical information on how to improve tire life and performance. It requires multiple listens to keep getting the all the gems of information.

    • 100% agree…this is the best current tire how-to set-up pressure/break in, I have heard…absolutely outstanding current 2017 info!!!


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