050 – 11 Drivers Talk Favorite Corners, Most Valuable Lessons Learned & Attracting Newbies Into Our Sport

Eleven different drivers sit down with me and share their thoughts on what makes one track more technical than another, what their favorite corners are, which car they’d most want to drive, what the most valuable lesson they learned at the track is, and how to attract new and younger drivers to our sport.

This episode is different than the past ones, as it’s 3 separate conversations with small groups of drivers participating in the BMW CCA RoundUp event at NCM on October 27-29, 2017. The drivers are Chad Sledd, Bob Habel, Hak Bowman, Erik Corwin, Matt Busby, Kevin Sweeney, Rob Shifflett, Bill Wade, David Bufford, Hayes Teague, and Zack Ketring.

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  1. Great episode! I like the usual style of your podcasts but this is a nice change of pace. It’s great to hear from other drivers my age on how to attract more of the younger generation to driving events. I think how “fun cars” are portrayed on TV and movies are contributing to it. It makes people think that you need to have some super-expensive, harsh riding, uneconomical and unpractical Snort-Thruster X1 with 700 horsepower to have fun or go on track. Also, the fact that new cars are getting more expensive (and as they start holding their resale value, used car prices) might contribute a little to it. Even cheap cars are expensive.


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