054 – Scot Elkins: MSF Instructor Certification & Formula E

Scot Elkins joins me to talk about the Motorsport Safety Foundation (MSF), its various safety initiatives, and especially the Instructor Certification program it launched in the spring of 2017. We also touch on the topic of electric car racing.

Scot is the COO of the Motorsport Safety Foundation, as well as the race director for the Formula E series. Having spent years as a race engineer, as well as a senior official with the American Le Mans and IMSA series, he has a broad perspective on the sport, from HPDE and track day events, to major international racing.

Learn more about the MSF Instructor Certification program at http://www.motorsport-safety.org/initiatives/certified.

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  1. When living and working in England,a very good friend and race buddy suggested I go to Silverstone and become a member of A.R.D.S (Accademy of Race Driver Schools) as I was doing quite a lot of instruction.
    Having gained my Instructors Licence,various doors opened.One of those doors lead me into Ron Simons office at RSR Nurburg,so happy to still be contracting to RSR who take presidence over other organisations who ask for my services.


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