063 – Heyward Wagner: Where the Heck is the SCCA Going?

Heyward Wagner joins me to talk about what the Sports Car Club of America is up to, and why. We talk about how the club’s focus is on converting car and driving enthusiasts into participants (I love this!), and they’re all about having fun with cars. Specifically, we dive into SCCA road racing, autocross, Track Night In America, and the new focus on Time Trials.

Heyward is the Director of Marketing and Experiential Programs for the SCCA. The son of parents involved in the SCCA, he’s lived and breathed autocross, corner marshaling, rally and rallycross, and club road racing his entire life. But it’s what he learned being a summer camp counselor that has had the biggest impact on how he contributes to the many positive changes the SCCA has seen in the past few years.

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  1. My problem isn’t not wanting or interested to do it. Its something that its all I can think about doing. My problem is it costs a lot of money to try to get into road racing, and my main thing I want to do is road racing. Its insanely expensive. This is why I have been doing GoKarting recently because I get to still enjoy racing but its just not in cars. And I understand that money needs to be made to cover the expenses of hosting these races but its still crazy expensive. The reason you don’t see kids or even adults joining is because a racing license is like 4 thousand dollars. Then that’s not including building a car and have the spare tires or tools, etc. People don’t make as much money as its made to believe. Its a rich persons sport and there isn’t a lot of rich people.

    • And I know, theres the argument of getting sponsors. Problem with that is, is now a days you have to be able to tell the sponsors what can you do for them now for them to sponsor you now, and most people can’t offer anything in reality that would benefit the sponsor. But this is just my personal experience. I am sure there are others that have made strides and been able to get past these set backs that hold someone like myself back.


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