051 – Brian Bonner: Finding a Racing Sponsor

Brian Bonner joins me to talk about motorsport marketing, or sponsorship. Getting someone else to pay for you to race, or even to do track days, is like a dream come true for many. But how do you do that? Brian has worked with drivers and teams at every level, from Indy Car and NASCAR to club racing. And he’s learned more than a few things along the way – things that can help you.

Brian runs his own motorsport marketing agency, but is so focused on his clients that he talks only about them – and wants you to learn more about them at:

Sheldon Creed – www.sheldoncreedracing.com

Anthony Alfredo – www.anthonyalfredo.com

James Chartres – Kanga Motorsports – www.kangamotorsports.com

Race Face Brand Development – www.racefacebranddevelopment.com

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  1. This was a very interesting conversation, loved the history and stories of how he got to where his is now. Obviously great insight and advise, but the personal stories held my attention. Thanks guys!


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