My friend, fellow coach, and co-conspirator in the Virtual Track Walk videos, Peter Krause, and I take time after a couple of days of coaching at VIR to catch up and talk about driving (what else?!). We share thoughts on the “accelerate to” and “EoB” points, the differences between “fast” and “slow” corners, what the “racing line” truly is, what the “best execution of fundamentals” really means, and how to use your data systems “g-Sum,” as well as “references and indexes.” Ultimately, it’s a fun discussion about keeping an open mind to all things driving.

Besides being my partner in creating the Virtual Track Walk videos, Peter is a sought-after coach. He also sells and services data systems (AiM, Motec, APEX Pro, Race Logic VBOX, RaceVoice, Autosport Labs). Learn more and contact him through, and follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @vintageprocoach, as well as on Facebook at

Peter’s Speed Secret: make sure your right foot is all the way down!