Your Personal Track Walk with Pro Coaches Peter Krause & Ross Bentley


Each Virtual Track Walk video will help you learn and drive some of the most challenging circuits in North America in less time.

Watch the entire video at one time, break it up into short segments, zip through to focus on and review certain corners, listen to us talk about various driving techniques, or replay the in-car camera shots and data-produced ideal lines. Buy it once, and it’s yours forever so you can refer back to it whenever and wherever you want.

It’s as if you’re doing a personalized, real track walk with us (without the physical exercise).

You two make a great team. Most online track walks just show you how one driver approaches the track. In contrast, you provide multiple data-driven perspectives on each turn and some great visual cues that I haven’t heard from any of my instructors. But what is really valuable is that the phrases you use really seem to capture the essence of the challenges that I’ve experienced on track.

Rich Mendola

The amount of knowledge provided from the Virtual Track Walks just can’t be beat for the price.  Excellent explanations and visuals, highly recommended for track enthusiasts that want to improve.

Aaron Feng

SAMPLE: A Taste of the Virtual Track Walks


Indy Road Course

Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It doesn’t get more special than this! Of course, we’re talking about the road course, a surprisingly challenging circuit. Peter Krause and Ross Bentley take you on a Virtual Track Walk, illustrating the ideal line, pointing out reference points, identifying which are the most important corners, and to where to find the grip (as well as sharing driving tips that’ll make you faster at any track). With nearly two hours of content, this video will help you drive this historic track faster than ever, whether it’s your first time there, or you’ve driven it many times. 








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Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca

Peter Krause and Ross Bentley take you on a Virtual Track Walk, as they share their knowledge of Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca – from reference points to the line, and from which are the most important corners to where to find the grip. And of course, how to drive the famous Corkscrew. Get ready to drive one of the most famous and challenging tracks in the world with 98-minutes of detailed coaching.








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Road America

Learn to drive Road America, one of the most challenging and historic circuits in North America – whether it’s completely new to you, or you’re going back to this old friend. Peter Krause and Ross Bentley lead you through a detailed study, illustrating the ideal line, how to drive it in the rain, where the track has more grip (and where it doesn’t!), which corners are most important, what reference points to use, and where the best passing areas are. As in all of the Virtual Track Walks, Ross and Peter also share lessons from their decades of experience about driving skills and how to learn more efficiently – unique and valuable topics and information! The Road America Virtual Track Walk is nearly two hours in length, and is yours forever.








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Road Atlanta

Peter Krause and Ross Bentley lead you on a walk in the woods… specifically up, down and around Road Atlanta, one of the most difficult tracks in North America to master. Of course, armed with the detailed review of the line, where the grip is, reference points, and the driving techniques specifically aimed at making you fast at the home of the Petit Le Mans race – 2 hours and 20 minutes of content – you’ll feel at home at this sweeping fast circuit.








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Watkins Glen International

Peter Krause and Ross Bentley take you on an in-depth virtual track walk around the historic and challenging Watkins Glen race track. It’s as if they’re coaching you one-on-one, sharing their decades of experience at this circuit – providing references, showing you the line, and talking about the subtle (and not so subtle) techniques to make you even faster around the Glen. With over 2 hours of detailed coaching, you’ll be prepared to drive the Glen faster than ever.








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More to Come...

We’re currently developing more Virtual Track Walk videos, and are basing which ones we do next on popularity… So, if there’s a particular track you’d like us to do, please drop us a note by email by clicking here.


Each Virtual Track Walk video is just $47. Compared to how much it costs to learn a track through trial and error (especially if you have a costly error), this is the fastest, safest and easiest way to learn a track.

Just click on any of the tracks to the left to purchase your own personal copy of the Virtual Track Walk.



Each Virtual Track Walk covers the following:

  • The cornering line
  • Reference points (braking, turn-in, apex, exit & others)
  • Specific driving techniques and skills
  • Surface/traction level changes
  • Prioritizing corners
  • An overview of the rain line


  • Data-generated cornering line
  • Elevation maps
  • In-car video stills
  • A combined 50-plus years of coaching & driving experience


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