A definition of a playbook is, “a book containing a sports team’s strategies and plays.” That’s exactly what my Speed Secrets Playbook videos are, except you’re the team. Well, you and me, really. Because I’m here to provide you with the strategies, but also the “plays” – the patterns to run, the timing of when to release a pass, where a block should be set, etc. Yes, the “what exactly do I do with this information?” information!

We all have less time than ever, and live busy lives. I get it. My goal is to give you what you need to improve your driving performance, but with less of your time commitment. In other words, more efficient learning.

Get in, learn what you need, get out, use it. That’s how the Playbook videos are meant to be employed. It’s as if spending less time in a corner results in faster lap times.

The content of the Playbook videos includes key principles, and an action plan for how to use them – the essentials.


“Great instructors ‘get’ that everyone processes information a little differently, so they use many ways to say the same thing. You always seem to do that, with enthusiasm. Sometimes on the track, I can almost hear your voice talking in my head. Weird, right?!”


“Excellent course! More information, tips, and drills, than I will be able to practice in a year on track. Great to have this in my folder of things to practice and master!! Thanks.”

Jason Bleak

“You connect with your audience in a manner that makes sense, is practical and interesting for a technical topic.”

Dan M

“The best driving instruction I’ve found… ever. Obviously, extremely knowledgeable, but the explanations and delivery breaks things down like no one else can.”

Francis T

Anatomy of a Corner

Like a surgeon, without knowing what’s inside the body (of a track), you cannot perform “surgery” on a corner: you cannot drive fast, you won’t know how one part (corner) connects with other sections of a track, and you don’t know what techniques are needed. After many years of explaining various parts of the anatomy of a corner, I’ve put it all together in this short video in way that will take your understanding of how to drive any corner to an all-new level. And with this knowledge, you’ll drive faster than ever.

It’s one thing to have knowledge, and another altogether to know how to turn that into action. The Anatomy of a Corner Playbook will give you the tools to do that, by covering:

  • Accelerate-to-Point
  • Begin of Braking (BoB) & End of Braking (EoB)
  • Downshifting
  • Fine-tuning Zone
  • Trail Braking
  • Timing & Rate of Release of the brakes
  • Turn-in, Apex, Exit
  • Decision Zone
  • Minimum Speed
  • Acceleration/unwind steering

In less than 20 minutes, you’ll take your cornering skills to an all-new level.

Let’s get on track and go!

Vision Technique

“Look far ahead.” “Look where you want to go.” Okay, great advice, but it’s not complete. How far ahead, and where should I look? And even, when should I look there?

Those are the questions I answer in the Vision Technique Playbook. Oh, and a lot more! In fact, I’ve taken about 3 years of study and research to figure out exactly what the best drivers in the world do with their vision, and I’ve turned it into a simple 4-step process that you can begin practicing today, making you an even better driver.

It’s one thing to have knowledge, and another altogether to know how to turn that into action. The Vision Technique Playbook will give you the tools to do that, by covering:

  • How far ahead to look
  • How to use your memory of a turn
  • What to do with “blind corners”
  • How to use your peripheral vision to build awareness
  • When to focus on your references, and when not to
  • How to practice and turn the Vision Process into a habit

In less than 15 minutes, you’ll take your vision skills to an all-new level.

Eyes up, look ahead!

Stand by... more to come.

Playbook videos coming in the near future will cover topics such as:

  • Racing in the rain
  • Mental programming
  • Learning strategies
  • How to improve your braking
  • And much more…

More Playbook videos will be added over time.