Anatomy of a Corner




Playbook videos have one objective: to help you learn and improve your driving performance more, in the least amount of time. They’re all about giving you what you need in short, actionable bites.

When I create training content, I have typically wanted to stuff as much as I can into it, thinking that is adding value. Yet, when I’m coaching, it’s being able to pare things down to just a few key objectives, concepts and action items that has made me successful. I know that less is more, and I’m applying that approach to the Playbook series of training tools – videos with the key principles and action items around important topics ranging from racing in the rain to self-coaching, using data to adapting to car handling issues, and improving corner entry speed to triggering the right mental state.

The Anatomy of a Corner Playbook will take your understanding of the techniques you need to fine-tune your cornering skills to the next level, and ultimately make you a better, faster, more consistent driver.


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