Garmin Catalyst 5-15-1 Process

Garmin CatalystIf I had my way, I’d coach you (and every other driver in the world) each and every time you drove on track. Since that’s not practical, a goal of mine is to help drivers like you to coach themselves – to self-coach. Everything I’ve written about, talked about, and shared contributes to knowing how to self-coach, but one of my favorites is using what I refer to as my “Assistant Coach,” the Garmin Catalyst. This is a tool that was designed to be used by drivers, unlike data systems, which are designed originally by engineers to be used by engineers. It’s the first-ever to provide real-time audio coaching and feedback (based on my own coaching advice and cues), to automatically prioritize what “opportunities” you have to improve for every session you drive on track, to creates an “optimal” video lap – a video of what your theoretical fastest lap is – amongst other things.

There are many ways to use the Garmin Catalyst, and you can go as deep into the information it provides as you want, but I’ve developed my own process for using it. It’s what I call the “5-15-1 Process” – how I use the Garmin Catalyst if I have only 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or one hour (or more) in between sessions to review the information and prepare for the next session on track.

To download a copy of the “5-15-1 Process,” click here.

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Have fun!