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I’ve produced a series of eBooks (and will continue to do so) for what I think is a good reason: I can update them any time I want, and you benefit from that. Having written ten hard-copy books, I know the pros and cons of each, and I like that with an eBook it’s not a huge time investment for you to read what I’ve written. So, eBooks are an efficient way for me to share information with you, and I can update them whenever I learn something new.

I hope you get as much out of them as I know you can. And if you have suggestions for updates to any one of my eBooks, please let me know.

Keep learning and having fun!

– Ross Bentley

Love the eBooks! Simple, to-the-point, and no fluff – just what I need. The eBook on shocks helped me understand a complicated subject, and the mental imagery guide was what I was lacking (I’m now much better at visualizing since I have a process). And the Performance Driving Illustrated is a perfect reminder of what’s important for me to practice with my driving. While I like your full Speed Secrets book, these eBooks are perfect for me. Thanks!

Jean Moline

I enjoy your style of writing/teaching. It lines up with my slow, steady nature of taking the information from the text to the actual application of the information to the car. You have taught me a great deal that I am using every time I put a helmet on.

Lonnie Welch

How to Tune Your Car's Handling: A Driver's Guide

In this eBook, How to Tune Your Car’s Handling: A Driver’s Guide, I share principles and guidelines that will help you understand when and how to tune your car’s handling. It begins with thirteen key setup tuning principles, and then provides a template for how to identify what changes your car needs before going into the meaty part of the eBook – what to change with your anti-roll bars, springs, shocks, tire pressures, camber, toe and ride height. And to provide you with a deeper understanding, I also share the common driving errors that can lead to handling problems, as well as a glossary of terms.

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Shocks for Drivers

Why are shocks such a big thing? Because practically all of the other systems and components of most cars have been optimized to the point where there is very little to be gained through further development, and the shocks are the last area where big improvements in performance can be found. Oh, and because they have knobs on them that can easily be twisted and turned by anyone with an idea or theory! The Shocks for Drivers eBook is the culmination of many years of working with many engineers (and with direct input to the eBook from Jeff Braun), but looking at these all-important tuning devices from the perspective of a performance or race driver.

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Endurance Racing Guide

How to improve your endurance racing
Whether you’re competing in a “low budget” endurance race (LeMons, ChampCar, World Racing League, Lucky Dog, AER, etc.) or at Le Mans, amateur or professional, or anything in between, I’m sure you’ll find the advice and tips in the Endurance Racing Guide eBook invaluable. Based on my 30 years of experience competing and coaching in almost every level of endurance racing, the eBook covers everything from driving style to race strategy, and driver changes to night driving.

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Mental Imagery Guide for Drivers

How to visualize for racing“Hope is not a strategy.” If you want to make a change or improvement in any aspect of your life, just hoping for it won’t help much. But using mental imagery (often referred to as “visualization”) to change or update your mental programming will have a huge impact. In fact, until you change/update your mental programming, you will never change or improve. My Mental Imagery Guide for Drivers has been developed over many years, working with performance and race drivers of all levels, and is based on the latest in sport psychology and neuroscience.

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How to Win at Sim Racing

After over four decades of instructing and coaching real-world drivers, and the past decade of coaching sim racers, I’ve put together what I believe is the most important foundational information to help sim racers win more often. Of course, ‘winning’ can mean different things to different racers, from outright victories to simply having more fun. But what practically all sim racers want is to improve – to see progression in their driving performance. That’s why I wrote the How to Win at Sim Racing eBook – because I’ve seen many common factors that are holding sim racers back from being even better. I’m especially excited to share four of my most-effective Practice Drills. Many sim racers practice by simply racing more, and that’s okay up to a certain point. But to go beyond that they need more a deliberate, strategic approach to how they practice. That’s where my experience coaching thousands of drivers, from Indy, NASCAR and Le Mans winners to beginner sim racers come in to play. I know what works to help them improve. And I get my kicks out of helping drivers, of all levels and types, get even better

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How to Learn a Track... Fast!

How to learn to drive a race track The quicker you get up to speed on a track, the more you learn, the sooner you can start making setup changes to your car, the faster you’ll be, and the more fun you’ll have! Not bad. And here’s the thing: learning a track is not something a driver is born with, it’s a skill that can be learned. In the How to Learn a Track… Fast! eBook, I share what I’ve learned from driving hundreds of race tracks, and coaching thousands of drivers while they learn a track that is new to them. There is a step-by-step process that’ll help you learn track faster than ever before, and that process is outlined in this eBook.

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Performance Driving Illustrated

Performance driving tips & illustrationsUsing 50 illustrations, the Performance Driving Illustrated eBook is the perfect reference guide you can use over and over again. It’s ideal for any performance driver, no matter what your experience level – whether driving on the track or the road. Use it as a foundation for your performance driving development, as an at-track reminder of driving techniques you want to improve, or a discussion-starter with fellow drivers. The combination of sparse text and lots of illustrations makes it ideal if you’re the “let me just go do it” type.

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Brake, Brake, BRAKE!: The HPDE Instructor Manifesto

HPDE instructor manifesto / guideThe HPDE Instructor Manifesto is filled with over 40 pages of tips, advice and thought-provoking ideas that I’m sure will make you an even better instructor than you are today. And if you’re not an instructor yet, this will prepare you for what is one of the most rewarding and challenging activities ever. I’ve used my 30-plus years of driver coaching, instructing, training other instructors, and observing instructors to write what I believe is something that every HPDE instructor should read – that is, if you really want to help others improve.

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The HPDE 1st-Timer's Guide

Guide for first time HPDE driversThe HPDE 1st-Timer’s Guide is aimed at inexperienced drivers about to participate in their first few High-Performance Driver Education events. Co-written with Ryan Staub, our goal is to help answer questions new HPDE participants have, help them prepare, and make sure they feel comfortable – making for a safe, fun learning experience. Click to learn more.

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Why: Stories That Define Us as Drivers

Why? Stories about how we got started & continue performance driving

Why do you do what you do? What made you a car enthusiast? What triggered your passion for driving? Those were the questions I posed to hundreds of drivers over the past few years, and the response was both fun and inspiring — just what I’d hoped for – and what became Why: Stories That Define Us as Drivers. For a light, entertaining read, download and enjoy!

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