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As a driver, I love going to a new track - or even one I've not been to for a long time. It's a fun challenge to see how quickly I can 'learn' the track, and get up to speed. As a coach, it's the same thing... I love helping drivers master a track as quickly as possible. Over the past 40 years I've developed a process to do that, and that's what I've laid out in this simple-to-read and use eBook. Oh, and did I mention that I'm giving it away for free?
- Ross Bentley
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How to use video & data
When & how to do a track walk
How to select track references
The pros & cons of simulators
How to use mental preparation
How to find the "ideal line"
How to Learn a Track... Fast!
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“I enjoy your style of writing/teaching. It lines up with my slow, steady nature of taking the information from the text to the actual application of the information to the car. You have taught me a great deal that I am using every time I put a helmet on.”
- Lonnie W.
Why do some drivers learn a track faster than others? Because they know how to learn a track. Yes, they have a process, whether they realize it or not. If that’s you, great! Hopefully you can get even better at that. But if you want to learn a track – one that’s new to you, or one you’ve not been to for a while – you need that process. This eBook will provide you with a proven process for learning a track… fast.


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  • You’re an inexperienced or experienced HPDE driver
  • You’re a track day driver going to a new track
  • You’re going to a track you haven’t driven in over a year
  • You’re a racer who gets limited practice time
  • You’re an experienced pro wanting to get up to speed fast
  • You want to learn the most you can in the least amount of time
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