Why do you do what you do?

What made you a car enthusiast?

What triggered your passion for driving?


Those were the questions I posed. The response was both fun and inspiring — just what I’d hoped for – and what became Why: Stories That Define Us as Drivers. In the pages of this free eBook are dozens of stories. Some are almost mini history lessons about what someone did to end up where they are today, and others dig deeper into the “why” they do what they do. What was it that triggered their passion; that made them the car-lover and driver they are today? That’s the question that’s answered in many different, fun, and inspiring ways in this eBook.


“An unknown gentleman at the time walks past me at my friend’s shop where I was getting my new-to-me GT3 and says, “Nice car, kid. Bet you don’t know how to drive it properly, though. Are you a PCA member?” The beginning of it all!”

Download it and enjoy! Then, go drive!

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