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Improve the Learning Experience & Generate Revenue.

As an HPDE classroom instructor, I see a lot of students who look like deer caught in the headlights at their first events. This course from Ross can not only prepare them for what they need to put into practice, but would also lower their anxiety, helping them to have more fun.

Brian Ghidinelli

What is Performance Driving 101?

It’s an online eCourse that covers all the information typically covered in at-track classroom sessions (you know, the ones that most students are having a difficult time paying attention to).

The eCourse is accessed on a laptop, tablet or smartphone – so it can be used at any time, and anywhere.

The topics covered in Performance Driving 101 are:

  • Vision
  • The controls (seating, steering wheel, pedals, mirrors)
  • Shifting techniques
  • Vehicle dynamics (weight transfer, traction, under/oversteer, balance, smoothness)
  • Cornering technique (reference points, the line, priorities)

Each module of the eCourse is made up of short (1 to 5 minute) units, so a student can go through the course at their own pace, on their own schedule. The units are made up of videos, graphics, downloadable resources, and reinforcing questions.

Most important, the student will arrive at your HPDE event with a solid understanding of the basic concepts, terms, skills and techniques, making instruction more productive and efficient, not to mention safer and more fun.

For more information about Performance Driving 101, as well as Inner Speed Secrets 201, go to

How does this program work?

There is more than one way to make this work, but here’s the most popular…

Novice and near-novice students are provided the Performance Driving 101 eCourse at no cost to them. Upon registration for your HPDE event, an email is sent to them with the Login info, communicating that they are expected to complete the course prior to arriving at the track (you can have them provide a copy of the Completion Certificate the eCourse generates as proof). Click here for a sample of the email.

After your HPDE event, or once per month, Speed Secrets will invoice your club for the number of eCourses that were registered for. But rather than the full $79.00 per course, your club gets a 50% off price, so you only pay $39.50 per student. $39.50 is an inexpensive one-time-only price to pay to Wow! a participant, resulting in them coming back to your HPDE events again and again. Oh, and once you’ve paid for the eCourse for a student, it’s theirs for life. How’s that for a way to build loyalty?!

That’s it. That’s how it works. If your club has any special needs, I’m more than happy to work with you. Just let me know what you’re thinking.

Why use Performance Driving 101?

  • Provide a better learning experience for your new HPDE participants.
  • Generate more revenue for your club.
  • Reduce the workload for your HPDE instructors.
  • Provide a better customer experience for participants from the very start.
  • Enhance the consistency among your instructors.
  • Enable your classroom instructor to focus more on key safety/operational messages.
  • Use technology to connect with younger participants.

Ultimately, your students will learn moreenjoy their experience, and return for future HPDE programs with your club – and loyalty results in more revenue for your club.

Want a test drive?

Beyond kicking tires? Want to take Performance Driving 101 for a test drive? Then contact me right now, and I’ll provide you with a special code that allows you to try out the eCourse for yourself.

What’s next?

Want to sign your club up and provide a better learning experience for your HPDE participants? Zap me an email. I’ll work with you to get your club set up in the Affiliate Program, provide you with any detailed information you need, and help you along the way. Simple as that.

Completed the course on my PC, very nicely done. Even with over 80 days on track I still found it very useful. Look forward to future more advanced courses. Ross should market a version of this to ALL HPDE organizations as their novice introduction classroom.

Earle Rogoff

HPDE participant

I’ve read almost every book written about performance driving. And I’ve taken almost every driving course (Bondurant, Skip Barber, ProFormance) but this is the best explanation and instruction I’ve experienced. Ross has managed to use state-of-the-art technology to make a course that is interactive and utilizes animation to explain performance driving. The emphasis stays on having fun, while creating smooth and skillful drivers. This is what the sport has needed! This should be a prerequisite for everyone who intends to drive their car on a race track.

David Lightfoot

BMW CCA Puget Sound Region

The eCourse was full of useful, insightful information that really encapsulates what a beginner to our sport should know before buying a helmet and heading out to the track. It’s a great way to put everything in perspective of the key take-aways, and the important things to focus on before setting a wheel on track. It’s an indispensable way of cutting through a lot of noise too many beginners in our sport muddle through on their first few days at an HPDE event, especially at schools where classroom may not be a strong or integral part of the curriculum.

Rich de Asis

Niagara Region PCA


Ross Bentley Whether you have questions or need more information, feel free to contact me. My passion is helping drivers learn more, and improve their driving – whether I’m doing that in person, through an eCourse, or through you and your club. I’m here to assist you and your club help your students. – Ross Bentley