How to Drive Fast: Sensing the Car’s Limits – Speed Secrets Quick Tip


Want to drive faster? Whether you’re a performance driver, race driver, or HPDE student, you can improve your¬†ability to sense the limits of the car – and that will enable you to consistently drive faster. I explain how in this Speed Secrets Quick Tip.

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  1. Great site. Thanks

    • Thanks James. Please share it with anyone else you think would get something from it. Have fun!

  2. Im interested in what you have to say about drivers being born with sensing the car better than others

    • Tyler – That’s a very long topic! Too long to cover entirely here. I’ve written a lot about the “nature versus nurture,” or “natural talent versus developed abilities,” in past issues of Speed Secrets Weekly, and in my Ultimate Speed Secrets book. The quick version of my thoughts – based on many, many years of observations of superstars, champions, and the not-so-greats – is that it’s what a driver does with his/her natural talent that matters more than what they were born with. Obviously, it’s next to impossible to prove what someone was born with, and what skills and abilities have been developed through the years. What I do know for sure is that if a driver uses the proper strategies, they can develop the skills for sensing the car. In other words, whatever they were born with, they can be improved – greatly. More than most drivers are aware of. Of course, it takes the right strategy and discipline to do so, and most drivers don’t know how to develop these abilities, other than getting “seat time.” And just getting “seat time” is not a very efficient method. With the right approach, a driver can develop these skills in a quarter of the time most drivers do who learn them simply through experience – through seat time alone. And that’s one of my points in this video Quick Tip. Thanks for the question, Tyler!


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