169 – Tom Roberts: Get in the Flow

On this week’s episode of Speed Secrets Podcast, I talk with my good friend Tom Roberts about flow, or getting “in the zone.” Tom recently wrote a 4-part article in Speed Secrets Weekly about his research and experience with the state of flow from a neuroscience and more spiritual perspective – and how fear impacts it. It’s all about how to perform at your best when on the track (or off). We talk mindfulness, mindset, awareness, fear, ego, and how these help you become a better driver.

168 – Davin Sturdivant: Karting and Sim Racing

On this week’s episode of Speed Secrets Podcast, Davin Sturdivant joins me to discuss all things karting! Why karting is awesome, why karting is a valuable learning tool, how you can use karting to learn to read drivers. We also get into sim racing and eSports!

Q: How do I get faster when I feel like I’ve plateaued with my driving?

Q: “My question is this: I’m kinda at a plateau where the improvement curve has seemed to flatten. I really don’t have resources for a $1500 per day coach… well, my wife says I don’t! I want to improve my times with better driving and not HP, and I do enjoy chasing down GT3s! So, Ross what do you suggest for a 58-year-old guy who loves the track and wants to be smoother and faster?”

167 – Ross Bentley: Lessons Learned From a Lifetime in Motorsport

In this week’s episode of Speed Secret Podcast, I go solo discuss a lifetime in motorsport and the most valuable things I learned along the way. I dive into the story of how I got involved in this wonderful sport, the relationship between driving experience and when you should begin modifying and tuning your car, focusing on performance rather than results, why adaptability is more important than being fast, how you can improve your ability to sense the limits of your car and tires, and the advanced techniques the best drivers use!