176 – Ask Ross Edition #1: A Q&A Session with Ross Bentley & Guest Host Bill Fischer

This week we have a special episode of Speed Secrets Podcast: Ask Ross Edition! Guest host Bill Fischer (of the Garage Heroes In Training podcast) turns the tables on me and asks me all the questions you’ve ever wanted to know. Specifically, in this episode, we discuss the topic of coaching – what is a driver coach, what makes a successful driver coach, and more!

Q: How important is going to new & different tracks to improve my driving?

Q: “Some drivers plateau and I often find that they are going to the same track over and over and over again. What are the benefits you’ve seen for those drivers that get out of their comfort zone and go to a completely new track? Why is this good or bad? Should this occur as part of every track season or once every few years for a bucket list track/road trip?”

175 – Matt Romanowski: Dive Into Data

In this week’s episode of Speed Secrets Podcast, Matt Romanowski (driver, instructor, coach, and data guru) joins me to dive into all things data and data systems! Specifically we dive into focusing on the speed channel, looking for lack of throttle, and braking issues. We also discuss off-season prep – what drivers can do to help them best prepare getting back on the track!

Q: How can I avoid abusing my tires, and save them when driving fast?

Q: “There is one thing that I have wanted to know, but I never found anyone whom I thought would be able to answer my question correctly – until now. How do you save tires? How do you abuse tires on the track? Oops, that’s two questions. The second question may seem obvious, but drivers do many things with their cars that we are not aware of, or assume to be the right thing to do.”