111 – Adam Jabaay: Slip Angle, Gridlife & How to Grow Driving Events

Adam Jabaay is back (he was my guest on Episode #11), and we’re talking about his Slip Angle podcast, about the Gridlife events, and what makes a great driving event. He tells us about how Gridlife is launching a wheel-to-wheel race series (Touring Cup), and what brings young drivers and spectators to driving events.

Q: Why do I get slower with more laps?

Q: “When I am in qualifying, or even just a test or practice session, I often post my fastest time within the first 3 flying laps. This happens despite trying different approaches to certain corners and segments that ‘feel’ faster. Many times I seem to try multiple things within a session, but always come out 1-3 tenths slower than that first fast lap. Could this be from over-driving the car?”

110 – Don Kitch: The Art of Racing in the Rain

Don Kitch joins me to talk about the art of racing in the rain, as we sit together at Pacific Raceway in Seattle, the very place where Garth Stein’s book, The Art of Racing in the Rain came to life – and the “home” of the upcoming Patrick Dempsey movie. Don and I dissect eight of my Speed Secrets that are aimed at driving fast in the rain, as well as our love for simply being at a race track.

Q: What advice do you have for heel-toe downshifting, comp school prep & racing on a budget?

Q: “I have three questions for you. First, while listening to Podcast #99 (Driving with 3 Pedals), it made me think about my heel-toe downshifting. I had thought I was pretty decent at it, however when looking at my data and watching video of my feet I not only realized that I was lessening my brake pressure while downshifting but I was also pretty slow and sloppy with my footwork. Any advice beyond keeping your heels planted?…

109 – Greg Woodrow: Why Aussie V8 Supercar Drivers are So Good

Greg Woodrow joins me to talk about what makes those crazy Aussie V8 Supercar drivers so good, and specifically the training they have all had racing Formula Ford. We also talk about the state of motorsport in Australia, the advice that Luke Youldon and Bruin Beasley of Erebus gave during my Inner Speed Secrets seminar in Melbourne, and finally, some of the fun that we had together – and what we learned – when I was down-under recently.