Q: How do I stop myself from choking in a race?

Q: “I seem to do well in practice and qualifying but when it comes down to competition, I choke. The only time when I actually did well was when I was extremely dehydrated and on the point of passing out. All I wanted to do was finish the runs and get out the car. I’m guessing I was in the mindset of fight or flight and not really caring about the results. But in turn I podiumed with the best drivers/cars in my series. Do you have any tips, podcast, books or just some insight you can recommend on driver mentality? I seem to get too into my head and it’s tough to get out.”

Q: When racing in the rain, how do I know when to start slowing down for the first corner if I can’t see?

Q: When racing in the rain, how do I know when to start slowing down for the first corner if I can’t see?

Q: “I’m struggling with how to find reference points and maintain good vision (and stay calm!) when starting a race in the rain. I’m usually pretty far back in the pack, and the spray/mist thrown up from the other cars sometimes completely obscures my vision (regardless of windshield wipers, Rain-X, etc.). Here’s my in-car start from a recent PIR race: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWwsea8PXts. In this case, I backed off way early because I just plain couldn’t tell where I was or when the chicane was coming up. Plus, I didn’t want to come in too fast if there was a pileup. Do you have any advice for how to handle this kind of situation?”

Q: How do I know if I’m causing under/oversteer, or it’s the car that’s doing it?

Q: “Specifically, on the entry phase, how does one determine whether it is steering (amount of steering or rate of input) or braking input (or more generally the rate of deceleration in a linear sense) that is the cause of over/understeer while turning in? More briefly, how does one know if they have applied too much linear deceleration or tried to induce too much rotation?”

Q: Will karting help me learn to adapt to an understeering car?

Q: I am a track day guy and get out on track about 6 times a year various road course tracks. This year I switched from a modified street car to a full-on race car for track use. The race car I am driving understeers and rotates very easily. This is very different from the previous car which had a more neutral setup. Rather than start the process of adjusting the car’s setup to match what I had previously, I am trying to adjust my driving style to match the car’s setup. In order to get more comfortable driving a car with understeer, I was wondering if karting in between track events would be a good way to transition my driving style to match the car’s setup? Do you have other suggestions as to what I can practice to get more comfortable with this new setup? Thanks in advance.