Q: How do I adapt to driving a Porsche GT3 from a BMW M4?

Q: How do I adapt to driving a Porsche GT3 from a BMW M4?

Q: “I’ve recently switched from a BMW M4 to Porsche GT3, and I’m struggling to adapt. Any tips or recommendations? I’m 2-3 seconds slower in the GT3, which makes zero sense. I’m guessing the corner entry (off brake and turn in) phase is killing me, but I could also be slow to get to WOT (different on rear engine?).”

Q: How do I improve my racecraft?

Q: “While I feel I have a good awareness of cars around me, I’m struggling with wheel-to-wheel racing. The problem is, I’m new to the type of car I’m racing – touring cars. I feel totally blind when I’m competing with other cars. I used to race open-wheel cars, and I could sense where other cars were around me, and then confirming it with very good convex mirrors. With the touring cars, every time someone dives inside me in the brake zone, I have no idea if I should turn in on the corner or not because I have no idea where the other car is. I don’t want to turn in if they’re already there, so I just get passed easily. I feel intimidated. I want to get better at racecraft. Any suggestions?”

Q: How do I know when the perfect time is to release the brakes entering a corner?

Q: “I wanted to tell you this. I went out after being off the track for 9 months, but while I was held up in the house I took your webinar on braking (Improve Your Braking & Corner Entry), and the one thing I remember you telling us is pay more attention to where you finish your braking then where you apply the brakes. OMG, this was much more important than I thought! I like comparing my lap and a pro driver’s time in my car. I am a visual person and I like to see at a glance where we are on the throttle and brakes. I did figure out that the reason I was losing time at Thunderhill was not braking too early. In fact, the pro and I were consistent on where we started braking, but I held the brakes on just a little longer. Obviously, this would consistently slow me down. So, without Data Acquisition is there another way to learn when it’s the perfect moment to get off the brakes?”