Q: Is turning into a corner aggressively so that the inside-rear tire lifts off the track a good thing? Should I be doing that?

Q: “I compete in a very grassroots series, predominantly filled with 900kg 1.5L Korean hatchbacks running cheap but soft street tires. One thing I’ve noticed some of my competitors doing on entry to a second gear hairpin is they turn in really aggressively. So much so that the inside rear tire lifts momentarily. Do you think there is an advantage to doing this? My thought is that it unnecessarily loads the front tires on corner entry, but maybe it also generates a touch more heat for more bite? They don’t seem to be getting a better corner exit than I do, but my eyeballs aren’t the most accurate data gathering system.”

180 – Ask Ross Edition #2: A Q&A Session with Ross & Guest Host Bill Fischer

Bill Fischer (of the Garage Heroes In Training podcast) hosts this episode, turning the tables on me and asking all you’re burning questions. In this episode the topic of racing jargon is talked about, specifically “talking tires,” “geometric line,” apex angle,” “both feet in,” and “car rotation.”

Q: How long should a driver focus on the turn-in point before looking into the corner for the apex?

Q: “How long do I tell my driver (6-year-old son) to keep his eyes on his entry point/turn-in spot before he picks up his apex? He finds his entry/turn-in spot off the exit of the previous corner really well, but then I feel he’s looking to his apex too soon and he drifts off his turn-in point, making his entry a half a kart more shallow then it needs to be.”

179 – James Colborn: The Exhilaration of Open Wheel Racing

On this week’s episode of Speed Secret Podcast, James Colborn joins me to discuss everything open wheel racing, what it’s like to race during the pandemic, and racing in British Formula Ford. We also offer tips on racing in the rain.