146 – Tom O’Gorman: Autocross, Simulators, and Those Iconic Blue Sunglasses

In this week’s episode, Tom O’Gorman joins me to talk about autocross (how it helps and hurts road course driving), simulators and eSports, the ideal cornering line, and making a career in racing! We also discuss why driving a bad car in bad conditions can actually be a really good thing!

145 – Scot Elkins: Motorsport Safety Foundation, IMSA, and ALMS

On this week’s episode, Scot Elkins joins me to discuss being COO of IMSA/ALMS and managing the merge with Grand-Am. He dishes all about the Motorsport Safety Foundation – the what and why of the HPDE instructor certification program “CERTIFIED,” how the safety standards are set, and why all driving instructors should get CERTIFIED.

144 – Dane Cameron: Driving Styles and What Makes Drivers Fast

On this week’s episode, Dane Cameron joins me to discuss building confidence as a race driver, how to drive a car with aerodynamic down force – how to learn to trust it and manage its traction, and the difference in driving styles between open wheel and sports cars. He also shares what it was like to get the call to drive for Roger Penske!