Q: What’s the best way to deal with cold track temperatures?

Q: What is the best way to deal with cold temperatures on track? I recently drove in the second group at a Super Tour event at Road Atlanta, with temps around 40 degrees. It took me several laps to get the tires up to temp, and in the first few laps I had to make two big corrections. The top drivers, though, were able to drive within a couple tenths of their best time from the day before (when it was warmer), by the second lap.

Q: Should I use ear plugs/protection when race driving on track?

Q: “What is your opinion on hearing levels and controlling them? In my Radical, I usually don’t wear ear plugs. Even though I don’t think I am picking up on all the sounds available, I do notice that if I do use ear plugs, I think I’m missing something. But I do feel calmer while driving. I did say “feel,” as I don’t have anything to back that up. What is your opinion?”

Q: For my first track day, what should I focus on learning?

Q: “I’m off to a local track for an open lapping day soon in a new GT Mustang. Being my first time, what should I focus on above everything else? I know some just want to go as fast as they can, but I’m more into learning a little each time I go to the track so that over time my speed and technique come naturally.”

Q: How do I stop myself from choking in a race?

Q: “I seem to do well in practice and qualifying but when it comes down to competition, I choke. The only time when I actually did well was when I was extremely dehydrated and on the point of passing out. All I wanted to do was finish the runs and get out the car. I’m guessing I was in the mindset of fight or flight and not really caring about the results. But in turn I podiumed with the best drivers/cars in my series. Do you have any tips, podcast, books or just some insight you can recommend on driver mentality? I seem to get too into my head and it’s tough to get out.”