Q: How do I get started in racing?

Q: “I’ve been following racing for many years, and recently I’ve gotten involved with the flaggers and safety crews with the SCCA. This has only turned up my desire to go racing, but I don’t know where to start. What do I do?”

Q: How can I manage being nervous about getting back on track after a long lay-off?

Q: “I haven’t been in a car, on track, for months. I’m going to be in the car for the first time next month, and I find myself super nervous about it – way more anxiety about it than I’ve usually had. It’s to the point of self-doubt and wondering if I should even do it. I’ve had similar situations in the past, and it usually disappears as soon as I unload the car and get on track. But this time it seems stronger. And I know self-doubt is super-dangerous, given the situations racing can put you in. Is there anything I can do to calm my anxiety? I love racing and being at the track, and it’s not something I want to give up on. But at the moment, the nervousness is a bit overwhelming. Thanks for any insight.”

Q: When should I use a double apex in corners?

Q: “Is it better to treat the double apex corner as a single apex corner or is there room for a little more brake release — or quick blip of the throttle — to gain a bit more “mid-corner” speed through the short stretch of track?”