Q: How do I know I’m progressing if I have 3 different HPDE instructors telling me different things?

Q: “My question to you is, how do you progress while having three different instructors in three different events. Yes, they were all helpful in their own ways, one even guided me to your books, but it is hard to track progress without any basis. My only basis to know I am progressing is becoming able to drive my car comfortably at the limit of my tires. I don’t have any information gathering devices to know track times, but I have taken videos of my events. Any advice?

Q: What’s better for learning – endurance or sprint racing?

Q: “I’m wondering if I should start by getting my competition license and doing sprint/club racing first, or endurance racing with series like AER/ChampCar. I get a lot of conflicting info about this and I’m wondering what’s your take on it. Endurance racing offers more bang/buck seat time and a lot more passing (and being passed), but sprint racing seems to be about raw speed in which it allows you to make decisions passing some very competitive people.”

Q: How do I improve my racecraft – passing, being passed, setting up passes?

Q: How do I improve my racecraft – passing, being passed, setting up passes?

Q: “My race results have been very inconsistent. I am far less experienced with racing and I’ve found myself unknowingly putting myself in committed situations/lines that may result in contact when making a pass or defending. I think it’s part impatience/not knowing when to concede, part being off my line, and part not anticipating other drivers lines. Would it be possible to cover some of these concepts and perhaps divulge some exercises I and others can do to improve the bumper-to-bumper aspect of my driving?”

Q: How can I improve my braking footwork?

Q: “As I’ve gotten quicker, I’ve been able to hone my technique and get tangible results. One area that I just can’t seem to get comfortable with is braking. I’m starting to chase tenths, and I feel like I’m leaving a few tenths out there because of sloppy braking. There’s no real consistency. Sometimes I even miss the brake pedal and that’s a terrifying half-second as I then frantically get my full foot on the pedal into threshold braking, and blow the rev-match for the downshift because my foot is not in position. And of course, the lap is now gone… What gives?”

Q: How do I adapt to a new (rear-engined) car?

Q: How do I adapt to a new (rear-engined) car?

Q: “I’ve recently bought a 991 Carrera after owning (and tracking) a 1999 Porsche Boxster for 6 years at various PCA DE events. In light of the obvious bump in horsepower and the different placement of the engine, I was wondering if you had any tips on how to approach taking the 991 out on track coming from the Boxster.”

Q: How can I get better at remembering what I felt when driving on track?

Q” “Something I’ve been pondering lately goes well with improving the mental game, I think. I guess it’d be called mindfulness? I go out in the car for an HPDE session with a plan of a few things to work on and I think I do pretty well sticking to that – most times anyway! 🙂 But then I get out of the car and while I can remember certain moments from the session, like a huge pucker factor moment carrying too much speed into a turn, the rest of it is all a blur. Is there some sort of corresponding technique to visualization for this?”