Q: When should I add more safety equipment to my car for track use?

Q: “I have been told at the speeds I am going I should either be adding significant safety equipment (seats, harnesses, roll bar), or simply pick up a used race car like a 996 spec racer that has already been prepped and sorted. I have a good idea of what happens when a street car hits a tire wall at 130 – and the same thought has been on my mind for some time. My question: at what point do you recommend HPDE drivers make this transition to a more purpose-built car, and how to approach making a choice? Obviously, budget is a big factor, and I suspect many drivers with an expensive and relatively new street car are reluctant to pull out the seats, etc., and add a roll cage.”

Q: What adjustments should I make to my shocks to reduce understeer?

Q: “I autocross a 2007 Z06 Corvette. It is modified and I just installed a softer sway bar in the rear to get rid of some traction issues after I softened up my Koni shocks to their softest. To make sure I don’t have any push issues in the front, should I add one swipe to the front shocks to just tighten them up? I appreciate your opinion.”

Q: How much does your advice about cornering technique apply to oval racing?

Q: “I’ve been reading your book and I was wondering how much certain techniques, such as the ideal line through a corner and reducing steering angle with rotation and others, translate to NASCAR-type cars on ovals. I know that isn’t the kind of racing you did; however I do know you coached Colin Braun who did race in NASCAR for a bit so I was wondering if you could give me any guidance!”